Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Still Small Voice by Samael Aun Weor

There exists a particular mystical sound that the yogi must learn to hear. The Aztecs knew this mystical sound. Let us remember the hill of Chupullepec (The hill of the cricket).

In ancient Rome, during the time of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at a very high price. Magicians of ancient Rome bought crickets in order to employ them in practical magic.

If we have the cricket close to the head of our bed when we are meditating on its beautiful song, we will hear the ‘slill voice‘ in the instant of slumber. This phenomenon is equivalent to the phenomenon of two pianos that are equally tuned. If we play for example, the note TI on either piano, the other piano will repeat the same note without the touch of the human hand. This vibratory phenomenon is very interesting, and it can be proven by anyone. This exact phenomenon also happens with the mysterious sound of the cricket. There exists in the human brain the music sound that resounds when the cricket sings. It is a matter of affinity and vibration.

Whosoever hears the ‘still voice‘ can travel instantly into the astral plane at any time. If the devotee concentrates on the sound of the cricket, or if the Yogi meditates on the sound of the cricket and goes to sleep while listening to the sound of the cricket, suddenly the same mystic sound, tone or ‘still voice ‘ will resound within his brain, and the doors of mystery will then be opened. During this instant, the Gnostic can rise from bed naturally and depart from his home in the astral body.

Every devotee must learn how to hear the ‘still voice’. 

The devotee can perform marvelous wonders and prodigies with this mystical sound.

If the devotee wants to hear this mystical sound his concentration must be perfect. To begin with, the student will hear many sounds, yet, if he concentrates intensively on the sound of the cricket, eventually he will hear this sound and will attain victory. We inevitably attain illumination with this mystical sound.

With the grace of the Divine Mother, every devotee can have the joy of hearing the mystical sound that grants us the instantaneous projection of the astral body.

The devotee who wishes to perform these practices with success must meditate internally until he truly feels the state of slumber. You must know that every esoteric exercise of meditation, if practiced with a lack of the sleepy state, is useless, sterile, because it damages the mind and harms the brain.

Therefore, internal meditation must be intelligently combined with the sleepy state.

If the Gnostic student does not have this marvelous cricket when practicing this exercise, then he must pronounce the letter ‘S’. This letter must be pronounced like a fine and delicate whistle, like this: ssssssssssssssssssss (lips opened and upper and lower teeth together).

Behind this fine sound dwells the ‘still voice ‘ that permits us to project instantaneously in astral body.

The devotee should be in a very comfortable position in order to practice correct internal meditation.

-The Yellow Book, Samael Aun Weor (Find his book on the right bar of our site)

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