Monday, July 25, 2016

Pran (vital energy) Mudra

As the name suggests, Pran Mudra increases your vitality from the root up giving you energy up through your nervous system and chakras.

Join the tip of the thumb to the tip of the ring finger and the little finger while keeping the rest of the fingers straight.  It should be practiced with both hands.

Pran Mudra is said to generate and redirect life energy. This life energy is the energy that animates the living being. It redirect this life to the parts where it is most needed. Pran mudra is like cure for all. According to some sources pran mudra benefits include everything from eyesight to fatigue, to skin rashes to vitamin deficiency. Pran mudra gives vitality and energy to the body  and reduces fatigue and nervousness. If you have too much distraction from outside and very little inner stability, by practicing pran mudra, one can achieve inner stability and mind clarity.

1) Pran mudra change the energy in the body, it is always beneficial if you incorporate conscious breathing with your hand mudra practice.

2) Take deep & rhythmic breathe.

3) Inhale and exhale for same duration.

4) You can also chant the mantra sound ‘So-hum’. Chant 'so', when inhale and 'hum' on exhale.

5) Though at start you will find it difficult to chant and inhale-exhale simultaneous. But with practice, you can get the expertise on this.

6) Do the inhale and exhale (with sound chanting) for continuous 20-30 times.

7) Then stop and try to focus your mind.

8) You will feel a sudden vibration in your body. You will experience like your body is floating between a pool of vibration.

All of a sudden, you will feel some instant effect of pran mudra. You will be rejuvenated and overwhelmed.

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