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White Tigress Sexual Teachings

The origin of the White Tigress teachings appear to have been derived from instructions given to the Yellow Emperor (Huang Ti, circa 2500 B.C.E.) through three female attendants of the Western Royal Mother, who in Chinese mythical history is supposedly the matriarch of Chinese civilization. Her three female attendants—Plain Girl, Multihued Girl, and Mysterious Girl—each provided sexual instructions to the Yellow Emperor so that he might regain his health and attain immortality. The Western Royal Mother herself reportedly attained immortality through gathering and absorbing the sexual essences of twelve hundred males. From the White Tigress Manual there is the following descriptive quote of the Western Royal Mother as given by Mysterious Girl to the Yellow Emperor: 

Western Royal Mother obtained immortality through restoring her feminine energy. Her energy became so strong that when she lured a man’s Jade Stem [penis] near her mouth, with even one union he would fall exhausted, while her face glowed radiantly with his essence upon it. She no longer had need for any type of cosmetics. She could absorb the essence of a hundred men without causing herself any exhaustion, as her body was like that of a young girl full of vitality and stamina. Loving men the way they wished to be loved and knowing the secret of yin convergence [the secret of immortality] made her an immortals.

The White Tigress would orally seduce men of her choosing wherever and whenever possible in order to ensure her acquiring large quantities of semen, increase her production of saliva, make the oral activity more intense and passionate, and enhance her experiences for absorption of male sexual energy.

Within the White Tigress Manual, and in Japanese Geisha documents as well, it says:

With each act of intensely performing oral sex and congealing of semen
she increases her life span by seven days. With those experiences where she enters deep contemplation of absorbing male sexual energy, she increases her life span by twenty-eight days. With each act of engaging in sexual intercourse her life span is decreased by seven days.

From the teachings of the Western Royal Mother there then developed numerous sexual arts that found their way into the culture of consorts, concubines, and Taoism. Many of these original teachings, however, came to just pay attention on the male achievement of immortality, per the instructions given to the Yellow Emperor. As China developed into a very patriarchal society, men attempted to shield the practices of the Western Royal Mother from falling into women’s hands.

Master Ch’ung Ho said: “It’s not only male sexual energy that can be cultivated, the female can cultivate hers as well. Western Royal Mother is a female who obtained immortality by replenishing her yin forces with the yang. Every time she engaged in sex with a man, he fell ill [the scare tactic], but her own face would be so smooth and glowing that she had no use for facial powders or rouge. She nourished herself on milk and played the five-stringed lute [allusions to semen and the five parts of the penis], and while she did so her heart was harmonious, her thoughts composed, and she was without extraneous desires. Western Royal Mother enjoyed having sex with men of all ages. Her secrets, however, must not be revealed, lest other women want to imitate her methods."

Because of this male perspective, the teachings of the Western Royal Mother were never popularly disseminated in China, especially during the Chou dynasty (1122 B.C.E—255 B.C.E)

There is a very well balanced protocol and demeanor within a White Tigress’s life. Great attention is paid not only to sexuality, but dietary, herbal usage, hygiene, exercise, appearance, and behavior. Outwardly, she may appear submissive, but inwardly she is focused and self- controlled. Interestingly enough, White Tigresses learned long ago to use their full femininity to empower themselves, rather than attempting to discard it. Curiously, it is odd that in such male dominated societies of China and Japan it was the consorts and geishas who held such incredible power and influence over men. Indeed, for men to even climb the social and power ladders of those societies they relied heavily upon the expert advice of these women, for they knew men better than men knew themselves.

As the moralist Confucians dominated social culture and philosophy. The teachings given to the Yellow Emperor from the Plain Girl were, however, widespread as they contained arts that enhanced a man’s health and progress toward immortality. The teachings that benefited women were maintained and transmitted primarily in secrecy through small clusters of consorts and female Taoists who maintained the sexual practices for purposes of achieving restoration of youthfulness and immortality.

The most popular Taoist sect that helped preserve the teachings of the White Tigress is credited to the Cheng-I Chen Jen (Right Unity of Realized Persons), formed (Yuan dynasty, circa 1200 C.E.) from the resurgence of the older Celestial Masters of Dragon and Tiger Mountain sect created by the earlier Han dynasty Taoist priest Chang Tao Ling (died 178 C.E., considered the first Taoist pope of sorts). From records within the White Tigress lineage, there appears to have been a great deal of support of their practices from the Cheng-I Chen Jen sect headquartered at the Heavenly Vault Monastery near Taihu Lake and Soochow Province, especially during the Ch’ing dynasty (1644 C.E. up to the time of Mao Tse Tung’s communist takeover of China).

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